Monthly Archives: October 2017

Letter from Irma–Aftermath

Letter from Irma--Aftermath By Madeleine H. Burnside Hurricane supplies don’t really come into play until after the storm. I have D batteries, tequila, votive candles, chocolate, a book by the Dalai Lama, and a bunch of other stuff. I’m out of cocktail olives but oh well. My fridge is cool not cold. I pulled the…
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Because Sex Abuse is the Old Normal

Because Sex Abuse is the Old Normal By Madeleine H. Burnside Bill O’Reilly—barely beyond settling a huge sexual harassment lawsuit—is negotiating for a job with the Sinclair Broadcast Group. Sinclair, in case you missed this, is the second largest television station operator in the country, dominating markets in the South and Midwest. It has been…
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Letter from Irma: Day 0 by Madeleine Burnside

Letter from Irma: Day 0 Irma has not yet touched Florida but we can feel it coming. It's a sunny day with a breeze that's just a bit too strong. I live about half a mile west of the Intracoastal. To the east is Palm Beach proper (known locally as "the island" in the snobbish…
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