Monthly Archives: September 2017

Letter from Irma—A Second Day of Waiting by Madeleine H. Burnside

I did everything I could outside yesterday, thinking I would be making last-minute efforts in the rain today. I’m really done now. I think. Last night I remembered to pay the mortgage. It was a panic at 10:30—the first ATM I went to wasn’t working so I had to find another branch at which to…
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Letter from Irma: Day 0 by Madeleine H. Burnside

Letter from Irma: Day 0 Irma has not yet touched Florida but we can feel it coming. It's been a sunny day with a breeze that's just a bit too strong. I live about half a mile west of the Intracoastal. To the east is Palm Beach proper (known locally as "the island" in the…
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