The Sanity Papers

What to expect:

Every Sunday there will be a new blog post. Usually it will feature one woman’s real story–a different person every time. Sometimes Madeleine will try to make sense of either a group of postings or comments in the news and recent research of menopause. Either way, it will be something to to ponder and question for yourself.

With menopause, it’s hard to just tell what to expect. You thought your period would dwindle, you’d get too warm a few times and then it would be over. Same old you, different day.

It’s like that for some people. You may be one of the lucky ones. Or not. You may have severe physical or emotional problems. You may think you are going nuts. You may act out wildly or just yell at a stranger. Or weep. Or start an affair. You may be going to work every day, hiding dire emotions under a bushel of apparent calm. Or not. Most likely you are at least exasperated, short-tempered, and…hot!

The Sanity Papers are intended to provide a reference point. These are real women’s stories–extraordinary, varied, each one unique. Some will reflect experiences just like yours. Yet others may appall you, make you jealous, or make you laugh. These stories provide support, empathy, and wisdom.

Who are these women? They are in various stages of the menopause cycle. Some are peri-menopausal, others are in the middle, yet others are long past it. They all have something to reveal to you.

It’s the Change. You are changing. Change can be scary but it’s good.

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The picture top right of this page of women talking together is a cave painting from Tassili n’Ajjer, north of Tamanrasset in southern Algeria. These paintings depict vivid scenes of life in the central Maghrib (the fertile coastal plain of North Africa, west of Tunisia) during the Mesolithic Period.Hunting people of the Maghreb created them, and they date between 8,000 and 4,000 B.C.E.). These were people of the Neolithic age, who lived in a savanna region teeming with giant buffalo, elephants, rhinoceroses, and hippopotamuses–animals that no longer exist in the now-desert area.

With thanks to Realhistory.com

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“There was no one to talk to…”

Menopause has been around as long as there have been women. But what do we know about it?

The idea for the Sanity Papers started to percolate when I noticed that many friends said of their menopause experience, “There was no one to talk to.”  

What could this mean? Surely they had friends and family members, doctors or even psychiatrists who had gone through the change or were going through it at the same time? Surely people could share their experiences in a helpful way?

This was not so. For most people living in the modern world, the rituals and respect around menopause have either vanished or never were.

It’s time to re-think that…